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OUR VISION To give every youth a mentor in their life, to change lives by teaching youth how to build and maintain healthy relationships.

OUR MISSION Forming relationships, changing lives.

OUR HISTORY My Mentor was created from the success of the in-person CCAP program in Collier County,  coupled with a collected two decades of experience from the directors. My Mentor takes the best aspects of tried and true success of personal mentoring and brings in the best of technology. This app is designed to bring classic principles to cutting edge technology. The end result is that our successful principles are delivered in the best means possible. Forming relationships and changing lives in the twenty first century and beyond.

My Mentor provides a community of trained individuals, driven by a desire to help those in their community, by providing a compassionate presence that enables interpersonal engagement, personal development, and emotional support. Mentors are given the privilege to journey alongside someone unrelated to them, and provide friendship during some of the most formative moments in a youth’s life. Mentors give their time and guidance without asking for anything in return. The goal of the program is to set everyone down a path that will allow them to flourish as individuals. This is accomplished by offering support and providing mental-emotional development for all youth on a safe and engaging platform; through the simple and easy to use My Mentor App.

Mentors have a very special opportunity to lead and guide young people during a critical time in their lives. Your role as a Mentor would be to form a positive bond, based on trust and compassion. You will be given all the tools and training needed to deal with the various challenges you may face as a Mentor. However; being a Mentor is about people, not programs.

Mentorship, as it applies to the individuals who use the My Mentor App, cannot be mass produced. Each individual requires personal attention, and authentic companionship. A Mentor’s job is both rewarding and incredibly impactful, as you will be responsible for helping to shape the future through the youth you engage with.

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